Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Social Media

Ok, I'll say it. I love Facebook. I have been on Facebook for quite a few years now and I love how it reconnected me with friends and acquaintances from so  many years ago. I love seeing the pictures of their families, sharing in their Simchas and their lives even from a distance. I love posting pictures of my own family, my sons' bar-mitzvah pictures and some of my own special family memories. I love the different groups I have been a part of. Sometimes I hear news from Facebook even before I hear it on CNN! I love the little jokes that are posted and hearing so many great stories from people.
What's new to me though, is using Facebook for advancing my professional development. I created a k-3 Technology group and have already had people asked to join. I started searching educational pages and was surprised by how many were already on Facebook. Someone in my Ed Tech course started a group for us on Edmodo and I think it was an amazing idea and a great way for us to share our ideas and our professional resources. It's been very enlightening to use social media sites for professional communication.

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