Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Why Wiki?

One of my goal's out of my Ed Tech course, was to try to get a better understanding of the differences between, wikis, websites, blogs etc. They all seemed to do the same thing! While I still notice that many of their purposes overlap, the shared editing aspect of the wiki is fascinating to me! I tried using a Wiki for the first time with my third graders and it was a huge success! I wish I could have taken a picture of their faces when I taught them how to use the wiki. They were so excited! Later on when I had them write a reflection about the assignment, that was their favorite part. They loved that they could access it at home, show it to their parents, see the other ideas of the children in their group, and build on those ideas. It was very motivating for them and really pushed them to put their best ideas forward.
Looking through lists of Educational wikis available, I feel like I can get lost forever into researching them! I am amazed by the amount of materials out there and by the generosity of teachers and coordinators who share their ideas with the world! I'm looking forward to the exploration!

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