Saturday, February 23, 2013

And the best free web tool award goes too....

I just watched an wonderful session form ISTE 2011 on the the best free web tools in the different categories. Having spent the past six months learning about different web tools, I was amazed by how much I still have to learn! The presenter showed examples of what he feels are the best in each category. For example, the best search tool for kids went to Searchy Pants, the best social web tool went to Schoology. This session was informative and entertaining as well. He even had an "in memoriam" segment for web tools that no longer exist. I was excited to try Jaycut, a video editing site that he recommended, but it no longer exists. I'm excited about Capzles, a timeline site, that I'm going to try with my students when we are studying biographies. Goanimate also looks amazing for creating animations. He also gave us a link to his website which also looks great. It is a free site to explore and offers a ton of great resources for teachers ( I have a list of new things to explore! It was well worth the hour I spent watching this session!

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