Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Genius Hour Class 3

So this is the first week that I am starting to see some cracks.... While most of my kids are working nicely and still doing research, I have a few students who are not using their time as productively as they could be. There are 2 groups of kids who are struggling a little. One group is my kids who have ADHD because of the lack of structure during the hour. They are having a harder time focusing on their own. Then I have another small group where we are just not finding the right information at their reading ability. So I am trying to problem solve for these groups. I have asked a resource person if she can come in during the hour to help my ADHD kids stay on task. I think it will be very helpful. For my other group, I'm going to see if I can put together some video resources for them to use instead of texts. I'll give it a try, and if not, they may have to switch topics, but I hope to figure it out for them!
I have a few kids who are done their research and are ready to start putting together their information into a project to present. This is what I gave them.

I want them to be organized and think about what they will need to do their project. They are not allowed to come to the next Genius Hour and say that their supplies are at home. 

They filled out another reflection sheet for homework last night and today we looked them over. I wanted to make sure that they were really reflecting on what they did in class and that they are prepared for next week!
My Genius hour homework this week is to get my 2 kids who are learning to code from the practice stage to the actually creating something stage. I have to teach myself how to do it in case they need help! I also want to find videos for a few students to use as resource. It's definitely my favourite hour of the week! 

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