Monday, June 17, 2013

Reflecting on my Technology Journey

What a year it has been! My goal when starting out on this journey was to learn about the different web tools out there and how to use them with my students. Throughout the year, my focus shifted to how to use the technology to improve my students learning and not just for fun. While technology certainly is fun and exciting for the kids, I really tried to focus and understand WHY it would be better to use a certain tool instead of a traditional method. There was a lot of reflecting in my work this year. Another aspect that changed my teaching this year was Twitter. Twitter opened my eyes to a community of professionals who are out here, sharing their work and views with the world. They are inspiring. I have learned so much from following great educators on Twitter. For my final project, I put together a presentation for the staff at my school to show them what I did, what is out there, and what they can do to start to integrate technology in a meaningful way. My school has given me some weekly hours next year to work with teachers from my school who are interested in learning how. I am looking forward to it and to continuing my own professional development in this area. Good teachers know that they always have more to learn!

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